An Authoritative Guide to Starbucks Extensive Food & Beverage Menu

This definitive guide to Starbucks menu offerings breaks down the nearly overwhelming array of hot, iced, and blended beverages, teas, breakfast, and lunch foods plus sweet treats. It explains every item’s characteristics alongside transparent pricing and real customer feedback. Consider it your introductory tour for navigating the coffee behemoth’s tasty yet often confusing menu board. Let’s explore the diverse Starbucks menu options!

Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Refreshment and More

Hot Coffees

Starbucks built an empire by elevating coffee into an artisanal experience rather than a mere beverage. Various roasting styles, bean blends, and origins supply unique flavors.

Pike Place Roast – Well-balanced medium roast with mellow nuttiness. Starbucks’ most popular coffee.
Customer Feedback: “Reliable classic taste. My daily order.”
Price: Tall $2.45 Grande $2.75 Venti $2.95

Caffè Misto – Freshly brewed coffee mixed with steamed milk. A perfect introduction to Starbucks tradition.
Customer Feedback: “The steamed milk smooths out the coffee in a very pleasant way.”
Price: Tall $2.45 Grande $2.75 Venti $2.95

Cappuccino – Bold espresso with equal parts steamed & frothed milk. Light, comforting classic.
Customer Feedback: “They get the foam ratio just right! Milky, robust, bold espresso shine.”
Price: Tall $3.95 Grande $4.35 Venti $4.65

And more: Caramel macchiatos, honey cinnamon lattes, flat whites, seasonal holiday drinks like Irish Cream Cold Brew, and non-dairy milk.

Hot Teas

Beyond coffee, Starbucks’ globally inspired tea menu ranges from energizing black teas, antioxidant-packed green teas, and chamomile & mint herbal infusions.

Emperor’s Clouds & Mist® – Green tea smoothness with fruit & floral sweetness. Rejuvenating.
Customer Feedback: “Bright, grassy green tea flavor with wonderfully fragrant fruit and flower tones.”
Price: Tall $3.25 Grande $3.55

Royal English Breakfast – Robust black tea with bergamot citrus. Familiar, comforting favorite.
Customer Feedback: “Perfectly steeped with nice boldness smoothed by the brightness of bergamot.”
Price: Tall $2.45 Grande $2.75

• Iced Passion TangoTM Tea – Bold herbal & tangy citrus for an energizing, tropical iced tea.
Customer Feedback: “Love this vibrant fruity herbal iced tea! Like summer in a cup.”
Price: Tall $3.45 Grande $3.85

And more: Matcha green tea lattes, vanilla rooibos, chai tea, and mint blends like Refresha® Mint Fusion.

Additional Hot Drinks

Caffeine-free steamers, silky hot chocolate, real fruit juices, and seasonal specialties like steamed apple cider.

Honey Almondmilk Flat White – Subtly sweet nutty almond milk meets espresso topped with foam.
Customer Feedback: “That velvety foam! Like a latte but with almond milk’s creamy nuttiness”.
Price: Tall $4.75 Grande $5.05

Hot Chocolate – Classic steamed milk and chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream.
Customer Feedback: “Childhood in a cup. Rich, old-fashioned chocolate flavor”.
Price: Tall $3.65 Grande $4.15

  • Caramel Apple Spice – Steamed apple juice, cinnamon, caramel sauce & whipped cream.
    Customer Feedback: “Like dipping apples in hot caramel. Perfect fall drink!”
    Price: Tall $4.25 Grande $4.65

And More: Steamers, chais, Vanilla Bean Crème, seasonal Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte.

Frappuccino Blended Beverages

These icy sweet coffee drinks mix espresso, fruit flavors, or cremes with milk & blender ice to freeze-blend a milkshake-like treat.

Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino – Chocolate mocha Frappuccino capped with whipped cream, chocolate cookie pieces & chocolate drizzle.
Customer Feedback: “The cookie crumbles take it over the top. Chocolate overload bliss!”
Price: Tall $5.45 Grande $5.95 Venti $6.25

Strawberry Lemonade Refresher – Strawberry açaí puree, real lemonade & ice. Pretty ombré effect.
Customer Feedback: “Such a perfectly balanced berry lemonade. Nails that sweet & tart thrill.”
Price: Tall $5.45 Grande $5.95 Venti $6.25

Java Chip Frappuccino – Sweetened coffee blended with milk chocolate chips & mocha swirl.
Customer Feedback: “Chocolate chips add extra indulgence. A dessert masquerading as caffeine!”
Price: Tall $5.35 Grande $5.65 Venti $5.95

And more: Caramel, vanilla bean, double chocolate chip creme Frappuccinos plus tropical fruit flavors.

Cold Coffee Drinks

From cold foam cold brews to lattes poured over ice, chilled coffee offers lighter refreshments.

Salted Honey Cold Foam Cold Brew – Smooth cold brew topped with salted honey cold foam.
Customer Feedback: “That airy cold foam adds the perfect sweet kiss. Cold brew made luxe!”
Price: Tall $5.25 Grande $5.55 Venti $5.85

Nitro Cold Brew– Velvety, cascading cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen. A hint of barrel-aged spirit.
Customer Feedback: “Beyond smooth with almost fizzy effervescence. So mellow and aromatic.”
Price: Tall $4.45 Grande $4.75 Venti $5.05

Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso – Chilled espresso shots shaken with brown sugar and creamy oat milk.
Customer Feedback: “Heavenly layered effect with luscious oat milk and cinnamon sweetness. Wake up call from heaven!”
Price: Tall $5.95 Grande $6.25 Venti $6.55

And More: Shaken espressos, cold foam cappuccinos, vanilla sweet cream macchiatos.

Iced Teas

Custom iced tea infusions feature real fruit purees, bright citrus, and even unexpected spices shaken or blended with bold black tea or refreshing green tea foundations.

Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Drink – Sweet mango & floral dragonfruit flavors swirled into creamy coconut milk. Vibrant tropical refresher.
Customer Review: “Like a mini vacation! Sweet creamy coconut pairs so nicely with juicy mango and dragonfruit.”
Price: Tall $5.35 Grande $5.65 Venti $5.95

Iced Guava Black Tea Lemonade –Sweet guava & juicy peach shaken into zesty black tea lemonade. Pink, fruity iced tea.
Customer Review: “Such a perfect porch sipper. Bright fruit with that amazing tea lemonade tang.”
Price: Tall $4.55 Grande $4.95 Venti $5.25

Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink – Sweet, tangy pineapple shaken with finely ground green tea powder for an earthy, tropical flavor.
Customer Review: “Love how the pineapple cuts the slight bitterness of matcha. Unique!”
Price: Tall $5.35 Grande $5.65 Venti $5.95

And More: Strawberry Açaí Lemonade, classic iced black tea, iced chais.

Additional Cold Drinks

Beyond tea and coffee, cold beverages range from vibrant fruity refreshers to cold milk and juices.

Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher – Mango & dragonfruit flavors sweeten this fruity iced tea. Bursting with tropical essence.
Customer Review: “Mango dragonfruit sounds almost too LA hipster but truthfully captures bright, sunny, happy flavors.”
Price: Tall $4.35 Grande $4.75 Venti $5.05

Flavored Lemonades – Classic or strawberry lemonade made in-house with real citrus juice and cane sugar. Not cloying, but refreshing.
Customer Review: “Much fruitier and far less teeth-achingly sweet than fast food versions”.
Price: Tall $3.95 Grande $4.35 Venti $4.75

Cold Milk – Fresh Grade A milk just the way you like it – dairy or non-dairy with customizable sweeteners.
Customer Review: “Because sometimes you just need a cold, perfectly flavored milk alongside pecan pralines!”
Price: Tall $3.45 Grande $3.85 Venti $4.15

And More: Ethos bottled water, Evolution Fruit energizing juices, Starbucks Refresha® herbal Beverages.

Food: Nourishment from Sunrise through Sunset
While Starbucks built a brand on beverage craft, its food also demonstrates care and attention to detail from wholesome breakfasts to ready-to-eat lunch bites.


Rise and shine with hot sandwiches prepared fresh daily or grab-and-go bakery treats, oatmeal bowls, and yogurt cups.

Bacon, Sausage & Egg Wrap – Savory bacon and sausage with Tillamook cheddar cheese, cage-free eggs, and creamy signature sauce wrapped in a spinach tortilla. Satisfyingly substantial.
Customer Review: “I wish I could have this every morning! Eggs, bacon, cheese – the trifecta of breakfast loveliness”.
Price: $7.85

Sous Vide Egg Bites – Eggs with savory mix-ins like cheddar, bacon, bell peppers, or spinach & mushrooms are cooked low and slow using sous vide for the perfect texture then baked into cute bites. Adorably on-trend.
Customer Review: “They nail the texture every time – tender yet almost frittata-like. Super cute too!”
Price: 2-pack $5.65

Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal – Steel-cut oats cooked with blueberries and chia seeds serve as the base to customize with nut butter, brown sugar, and your choice of dairy or non-dairy milk. Comfort classic made modern.
Customer Review: “The chia seeds add a fun texture to wholesome oats. Build-your-own is genius for customization.”
Price: $5.95

And More: Burritos, multigrain bagels and spreads, fresh fruit cups, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake slices, and croissants.


Custom sandwiches, protein boxes, and snacks fuel afternoon adventures and busy workdays.

Roasted Turkey & Smoked Cheddar Panini – Shredded smoked turkey breast and aged cheddar cheese grilled on hearty country bread with antioxidant-rich arugula for added freshness. An artisan, grown-up take on a deli classic.
Customer Review: “For less than 10 bucks I can pretend I’m at some swanky café in Soho with this perfectly pressed panini.”
Price: $9.45

PB&J Bistro Box – Childhood throwback showcasing a classic peanut butter &premium raspberry jam sandwich alongside fresh fruit, skinny Popcorn Popcorners®, chocolate raisins, and multigrain snack crackers. Nostalgic, wholesome, craveably crunchy.
Customer Review: “Way more gourmet than my grade school brown bags but with total timeless appeal. Plus – chocolate-covered raisins!”
Price: $8.65

Artisan Potato Chips – Thinly sliced, slow kettle-cooked in small batches then see-salted or the perfect crunch alongside cold brew. Because everything’s better with chips!
Customer Review: “Superior chips in every way – crispier, less greasy. Almost makes me forget they’re fried potatoes!”
Price: $2.65

And More: Bistro boxes, grilled cheese sandwiches, Zabar’s® gourmet snacks, frand esh fruit cups.

Bakery: Little Everyday Luxuries

The glass case counter overflows with sweets and quick bread baked in-house daily using premium ingredients like European butter, Guittard® chocolate, and Starbucks dark espresso roast coffee.

Iced Lemon Loaf Cake – Buttery pound cake glazed in sweet lemon icing. Freshness is guaranteed with batches baked every morning.
Customer Review: “True earmark of an exceptional bakery – pound cake with just the right crumb yet so moist. And that icing!”
Price: Slice $4.85 Whole Loaf $16.95

Dark Chocolate Dipped Madeleines – Light, tender French butter sponge cakes hand-dipped in UTZ CertifiedTM 39% dark chocolate. Divine texture and balanced bittersweet chocolate bliss.
Customer Review: “Like a cross between cake and cookie. Those adorably shell-shaped madeleines absorb chocolate flavor so well!”
Price: 2-pack $4.25

Raspberry Oat Bar – Chewy oatmeal cookie base topped with raspberry fruit preserve and white chocolate chips. Fruity, chocolaty goodness between wholesome oats.
Customer Review: “Like someone ingeniously thought to combine oatmeal cookies with Pop Tarts! Tart raspberry and white chocolate is genius.”
Price: $4.55

And More: Blondies, brownies, cake pops, cinnamon rolls, croissants, loaves, pumpkin bread, sugar cookies.

At Home Coffee

Enjoy Starbucks premium roasted coffees fresh-ground or whole bean to brew lattes, cold brew, pour-overs, and more at home.

Starbucks Blonde® Espresso Roast – Smooth, sweetly nuanced medium roast perfect for espresso drinks like cappuccinos. Sold whole bean or freshly ground.
Customer Review: “Delicious in lattes. Sweeter and lighter without turning sour or bitter.”
Price: 12 oz bag $15.95

House Blend Medium Roast – Expertly balanced flavor combining Latin American beans. Sold freshly ground or whole bean.
Customer Review: “Their classic House Blend sums up everything to LOVE about great coffee’ – smooth, chocolatey, iconic.”
Price: 12 oz bag $15.95

Starbucks Coffee Pods – Expertly roasted and packed into aluminum capsules for Nespresso® OriginalLine brewers. Recyclable single-serve convenience.
Customer Review: “So much less plastic waste than K-Cups while delivering that perfect crema.”
Price: 10-pack $12.95

And More: Veranda® Blend light roast, seasonal holiday roasts, Starbucks Instant coffee, VIA® Ready Brew.

The Bottom Line: Value to Match the Premium Price

Coffee snobs may wince at paying $5+ for coffee drinks and $4 for a simple cheese Danish but legions of devoted Starbucks customers happily pay a modest premium daily. Beyond exceptionally executed drinks and dishes, that incremental spend fuels Starbucks’ industry-leading sustainability commitments, ethical sourcing standards that support farmers worldwide, and gold-standard customer service delivery.

Additionally, Starbucks RewardsTM members earn Stars towards complimentary food and drinks in exchange for ning frequency. All factors above have seamlessly fused Starbucks into the daily habits and little indulgences that spark joy and connections. So rest assured your Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino has profoundly positive ripple effects well beyond your 15 minutes of sweet, chocolate.

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